For Truro lessons payment of £7.00 per half hour lesson is made every term in advance. Please complete the enrolment form and send by post to the address on the form or e mail the form to  Details of the fees and BACs details will be emailed to you. We will also send a list of the term dates for the year, this is subject to occasional cancellations by the school which we will notify as soon as possible. Coaching sessions are £9.00 per hour lesson, coaching classes usually have more pupils and this is reflected in the low price per hour.  It is not necessary to fill in a form every term unless your details change.   

The full, correct payment can be sent by bank transfer or cheque by post  to the address on the form. Please use your child’s name for reference if using bank transfer. Other methods of payment can be arranged. Inclusion in a session is at Len’s discretion and solely by arrangement with him.  An email will be sent to confirm receipt of your payment.


An enrolment fee of £5.00 is payable upon joining the Swim School and then due annually in September when £5.00 will be included in our booking fees.


Due to a high demand for places in our Swim School it is essential that spaces are booked well in advance of the start of each new term. Places will be filled on a first pay, first served basis each term. We cannot accept payment at the pool side unless by previous arrangement. It is essential that receipt of payment is confirmed by us before you bring your child to the lesson.


If your child misses a class they can ‘catch up’ at another appropriate class by arrangement with Len. Please do not bring your child to a lesson without asking Len. Payments are non-refundable.


Please let us know either by e mail: or phone: 01326 378437 if you intend your child to stop having lessons, so that we can fill their place from our waiting list or advertise spaces. Any problems  or enquiries should be addressed to Len by e mail.


IMPORTANT: (Applies even if a pupil attends the school)

  • Children who are not taking part in a lesson must remain with their parent within the pool hall. ALL OUTSIDE AREAS ARE OUT OF BOUNDS (by order of the School Head Teacher). If children are found alone outside the pool building they, their parents and any siblings will be asked to leave the premises and may lose their place in the Swim School.

  • Please park responsibly in the designated swimming pool car park.

  • Children must be collected promptly; we do not take responsibility for them outside lesson times and they may not leave the pool hall until they are collected.

  • Please read the safety notices around the inside of the pool hall.

  • Pupils are required to shower before they enter the pool.

  • Please do not bring any child who has an infectious condition.

  • Please leave changing areas clean and tidy.

  • Please do not bring food into the pool hall or changing rooms.

  • Anyone over the age of six is not permitted into the changing area of the opposite gender, this is the policy of our swim school and is enforced by our staff who will give advice about child protection


  • TRURO SCHOOL:  Improvers, Advanced and Coaching Wednesdays 4 - 6pm, Saturdays 9.- 11am                                 

  • TRURO PREP SCHOOL:  Non swimmers, Beginners and Improvers Fridays 4.15 - 6.15pm, Saturdays 9 - 11am